Cellista is an acclaimed Cellist, producer and artistic director. 

"Beautifully weird. 


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Downtown San José, CA


Experimental Classical

Years Active: 

2010- Present






press quotes

“She gave me quotes to put around the emptiness.

She gave me context. And subtext.

And reflex-tions of what has now filled the void.”

 -Gary Singh, journalist and poet


“Her playing is fantastic, her professionalism unparalleled, and the comfort and ease with which she moves between many musical styles make her an x-factor in any group or project.

She is a collaborator of the highest caliber.  Her commitment to community, excellence, and innovation make her one of my favorite persons with which to tackle exciting projects.

On top of all of this, she is an awesome human being who is committed to her friends and colleagues. She is a leader and community builder."

    - David Möschler, conductor of Awesöme Orchestra Collective


“Cellista is a classically-trained, punk rock spirited girl with the charm and elegance to defy the stereotype that classical music isn’t cool.”  

- Belle Foundation


"Beautifully weird."

-conductor Brian Allan Hobbes


"Cellista is more than just a cellist..."

-Nathan Zanon, Content Magazine feature