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Cellista, Vinkeloe/Robinson at LSG Creative Music Series

  • The Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco (map)

8:15 pm Vinkeloe/Robinson
Biggi Vinkeloe -alto saxophone, flute , Donald Robinson - drums
9:00 pm Cellista - cello/pedals
$8-15 sliding

Cellista is an American cellist, performance artist & the artistic director of the interdisciplinary performing arts group Juxtapositions. She is known for her collaborations with artists across various media, as well self-producing stage poems (live performances staged in unconventional spaces that incorporate elements of classical music, theater, improvisation and visual art across a range of genres including pop, hip-hop, classical and more). These performances often feature a carbon fiber cello and loop station.

Biggi Vinkeloe lives in Oakland, CA and tours frequently in Europe and North America. She plays alto saxophone and flute, both as main instruments. She is one of the very few jazzwomen working internationally. She is involved in many different projects, both as a sideman and as a leader. She composes for her own groups, and occasionally for musicians from other music fields. Whenever possible, she collaborates with dancers and painters. She has recorded almost 20 albums with European and American musicians.
Working bands: Trio REV, with Lisle Ellis and Donald Robinson / Duo Robinson – Vinkeloe / Duo with Magnus Rosén / Trio Chris Brown, Donald Robinson, Biggi Vinkeloe / Chaos Butterfly + Biggi Vinkeloe / The Diplomats, with Harris Eisenstadt and Steve Swell / She performs as a soloist as well.