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Sometimes great music is borne out of unusual circumstances.



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Cellista in the News

 Cellista's performance art project entitled WANTS is featured in KQED Arts 100 Days of Art.

Cellista's performance art project entitled WANTS is featured in KQED Arts 100 Days of Art.


"The San Jose-based cellist Cellista (born Freya Seeburger) composed her new piece Wants to accompany an interdisciplinary art installation of the same name."


 ...Finding San José is a cinematic work; live selections will be performed at a screening of the album’s accompanying “making-of” documentary, Cellista, at Campbell’s Diamond in the Rough Film Festival later this month.

Seeburger is adamant that Finding San José is an experience—best consumed alone, by candlelight, eyes wide open, mind firmly in the present and in one sitting. “I do want my audience to work just a little bit and be present in my process.” says Seeburger.

 Feature on KQED by Cherri Lakey

Feature on KQED by Cherri Lakey

Finding San Jose in KQED

As Cellista suggests in the liner notes, on how best to listen to Finding San Jose: “Be alone. In a candlelit room; root yourself firmly in the present with eyes wide open. Listen all the way through.”

Indeed, letting one’s imagination conjure the feeling of leaves crunching beneath the feet and the expressive faces of city dwellers passing by in “St. James Park” changes one’s perspective of San Jose. Whether you live here or not, it will be a new one that connects you to an alluring persona you can fall in love with — which is what Cellista intended all along.



 Article by Sal Pizarro of Mercury News

Article by Sal Pizarro of Mercury News

Mercury News

Seeburger has started a Kickstarter campaign to launch the project ( where her statement will stir the interests of anyone who supports the arts in San Jose.

“Most especially, this is an offering to the artists of San Jose,” she says. “I owe San Jose my creative life. I see the town going through a period of rapid growth and development, and I would like to offer this album to my community in dedication of a time when San Jose used to be orchards.”

 Juxtapoz Magazine Feature

Juxtapoz Magazine Feature

Juxtapoz Magazine

On January 15, 1941 French composer Olivier Messiaen premiered his seminal work “Quartet for the End of Time” within the confines of Stalag VIII-A, a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp in Silesian Germany. The ensemble (clarinet, violin, cello, and piano) played upon broken instruments in front of an audience comprised of his fellow prisoners and prison guards in the brutal cold. 

On Friday February 5th, 75 years after this premiere performance, Anno Domini Gallery presents a Messiaen-inspired exhibition of new paintings by renown artist Barron Storey entitled “Quartet” and three performances entitled “End of Time” by Cellista (Freya Seeburger) and her Juxtapositions Chamber Ensemble.

 Article on Cellista's dual exhibit with Barron Storey by Gary Singh

Article on Cellista's dual exhibit with Barron Storey by Gary Singh

End of Time MetroActive

Storey and Seeburger came together via the Anno Domini exhibit. At 75, Storey draws inspiration from dark, disquieting subjects. Two previous Anno Domini shows in particular tackled the horrors of the Iraq war, and, in another instance, the brutal platform of suicide. Neither exhibit was even remotely comfortable to view. Seeburger, on the other hand, is less than half of Barron's age and is trying to graft her analysis of Messiaen's quartet onto a conversation about the San Jose arts scene.



 Cellista featured in Content 6.4 article by Nathan Zanon

Cellista featured in Content 6.4 article by Nathan Zanon

Content Magazine

“California for me was this place where you do healthy things and everybody is optimistic and happy,” she recalls, mocking this supposed culture of idealism. “I’d always make fun of California. But then when I moved here, it’s like my whole world opened up.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.55.57 AM.png

100 Things to Do

Cellista is featured twice in author Susannah Greenwood's book.

 SF Classical Voice by Jeff Kaliss

SF Classical Voice by Jeff Kaliss

SF Classical Voice


Mercury News Andrew Gilbert

In a region that prides itself on disrupting the status quo, Cellista is celebrating the legacy of the original disrupters.

-Andrew Gilbert Mercury News


Connecting a signature work of the early 20th century avant-garde to the churning engine of the 21st century’s digital revolution might seem like a stretch. But for Cellista, who moved to her adopted hometown from Paris in 2010, “San Jose feels reminiscent of the pastiche world of Cocteau. The surrealists were going across disciplines, and I like the idea of juxtaposing elements and disciplines. ‘Finding San Jose’ evokes different neighborhoods and spirits, bringing them next to each other but not forcing them to be unified.”

JMS Podcast with Jorge Sanchez

"What inspires me? The community I live in." — Cellista

Listen to Interview #36 - Cellista


Cellista Interview on Messiaen's Quartet for the end of Time

An interview following Cellista's visit to Stalag VIII A in Poland where Olivier Messiaen wrote and premiered "The Quartet for the end of Time," in 1941. Listen to the Interview on Soundcloud



Cellista: Illuminating Narratives at the Tech Museum of Innovation Part I

“…through my storytelling, I could point to a commonality between myself, music, science, and you.”
Listen more here...


Cellista: Illuminating Narratives at the Tech Museum of Innovation Part II

Cellista, regarding San Jose: "It’s history is something that I hope is cultivated and nourished."

Listen more here...



A collaborative, monthly event series between Future Arts Now, Kooltura Marketing, and Knight Foundation, the ImagineSJ Showcase that provides a platform for San Jose’s newest most innovative thinking


Ferlinghetti at City Lights Texture for a Poet

A unique storytelling experience of the matador versus the bull, against a mellifluous narrative of sound. Listen here...


WILL & GRACE Official Preview (HD) NBC Sitcom Revival

JUXine — a literary publication

from Juxtapositions, written by Cellista

JUXine is a literary publication from Juxtapositions, a for-profit performing arts company owned by artistic director Cellista (Freya Seeburger), a San Jose based cellist, dreamer and arts advocate.

JUXine is a collection of writings, some from Cellista, some from her artistic collaborators and friends. This issue features stories and drawings by including Nathan Zanon, Susannah Greenwood, David Mejia and philosopher Frank Seeburger’s musings on hip hop artist Boots Riley (The Coup). It’s a pastiche of content that parallels the diversity of the Bay Area at large.

JUXine’s intention is to share Cellista’s love of San Jose and to serve as a reminder of a time before the eruption of Silicon Valley. A time when San Jose was orchards.


Cellista's passion, encompassing a philosophical wonder and

endearing love for San José,

is an apparent manifestation in her music — something that truly engraves her name into the culture and history of Silicon Valley.


...a true musician and performer